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The True Meaning of Small Groups

I know that all pastors are supposed to believe in small groups. I'm pretty sure there's something in some hidden set of bylaws somewhere that say you can't be part of the pastor club if you don't believe in small groups. Yes, I know there are many valid scriptural...

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A Wholehearted Leap

Worship is so much more than twenty-five minutes on a Sunday morning. It is a daily, beautiful exchange of giving Him your whole heart and receiving His perfect love. The love that heals, restores and casts out all fear.

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Why The Big Event Is Not For Church People

Traditionally, it has always been a time where we eat great food, play fun games, have a water slide for the kids, and enjoy this out-of-the-ordinary opportunity for fellowship. Our pastors talk about it until they’re blue in the face, but it’s not always carried out. The Big Event is not for church people! It is about the community.

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Saved People Serve People

Welcome to Questions of the People: Church Edition. Question number 1: Why is serving so Important? This is a huge question! One reason serving is important, it allows us to use or gifts. By gifts I mean what we enjoy and excel in. The uniqueness of each gift allows...

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  Generosity!   Just the word evokes various responses.  We love it when it comes in our direction.  It brings smiles to our faces, warmth to our hearts and overall happiness.  The fact that someone took the time and interest to do or give to us something of value is...

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Out In The Wild

Over the past eight weeks, we in Covenant Kids have journeyed “out in the wild”... in the ARCTIC, no less! We’ve done an exciting lesson series to learn about how our words affect the world around us… and to also cool off from this summer heat! Our CovKids have...

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The Time is Now

More than 4000 middle and high school students (and the chaperones that brought them) pile into a large room waiting for the event to start. Hundreds have already crowded around the stage in anticipation for what is about to happen. Suddenly a big clock appears on the...

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