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New Covenant Church is a group of people from different backgrounds, races, and ages simply seeking to connect with God and with others. We’re not a perfect church and we’re not trying to be one. We want to give the grace and love of Jesus to our community just as He gave to us.

Creating Community

Around the world and across the street.


Three core missions form the foundation of what we help you do.

Connect with God

We were all designed to connect with the God that created us. Through that connection freedom from life’s hurts and disappointments is found. Then we are free to connect to our God-inspired lives, our God-inspired passions, and our God-inspired gifts and talents. At NCC we offer the opportunity to connect with God through our Sunday services. Come and experience how awesome connection can be.

Connect with Others

God never intended for us to do life alone.  All ministry and fellowship cannot happen only on Sundays, that’s why NCC is committed to maintaining a thriving small group community that we call Covenant groups. These groups provide opportunities for friendship, support, and fun outside of the normal church setting.

Create Community

It takes work and effort to create community. We “work” here at NCC by serving others. The members of our Dream Team, whether greeting, serving coffee or as part of the Covenant Kids team are removing obstacles so others can connect with God. However, the serving doesn’t stop there; NCC puts much effort into outreach and evangelism. By doing so we are inviting people to experience the love of our good God.

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Children’s Ministry

Colby Durham


When we serve children it is a position of honor; it is not “mini-ministry.”   In Covenant Kids, we invite children to experience the life, love, and joy of God, because we believe that He is entrusting us with His presence and His heart.

Mark 9 clearly states that when we receive a child then we are saying, “God you are welcome here.” God feels welcomed when children are honored and our goal is to serve each child and to make sure that they know that they are valued.

Youth ministry is more than just programs, events and games with young people hyped up on caffeine.

Our goal is to see every junior high and high school student fully embrace the talents, gifts, and abilities that God has given them and discover their purpose. We passionately work to provide a safe atmosphere that promotes personal and spiritual growth. We believe that as the youth increases, the Kingdom increases.

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Student Ministry

Roger Sims, Jr.


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Groups Ministry

Matt and Nicole Draffen

Matt Draffen


Church is not a once a week Sunday experience confined in the building where we meet.

Church happens all the time in different places and takes on various forms when believers meet together. That’s why at NCC we want to help facilitate people meeting together so church is happening every day of the week.

We define freedom as the ability to respond fully to God out of who He created and redeemed you to be.

New Covenant Church Freedom Ministries is kingdom-focused and designed to help you learn to hear and respond to God’s voice. We’ll help you identify and remove those things that are currently hindering your growth, enter the life you were made for, discover your identity in Christ and learn how to be an influence in the lives of others.

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Freedom Ministry

Matt and Sue Broadfield

Matt Broadfield


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Dream Team

JB Farris

Dream Team Coordinator

At New Covenant Church we believe that serving is a result of walking in a healthy relationship with the Lord.

According to Ephesians 2:10 we have all been created for good works in Christ Jesus.  The mission of the Dream Team is “to remove obstacles so others can connect with God.” It is designed to include all the moving parts of the body of Christ. Every person has a part and every part matters.


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