Over the past eight weeks, we in Covenant Kids have journeyed “out in the wild”… in the ARCTIC, no less! We’ve done an exciting lesson series to learn about how our words affect the world around us… and to also cool off from this summer heat! Our CovKids have followed characters Jessie and Squirt (who look an awful lot like our children’s pastors… hmm) from the swap all the way to their adventure in the arctic wild!

They’ve had some close calls with walruses, polar bears, avalanches… and much more! But Jessie and Squirt have also been showing us that just because school is out for the summer doesn’t mean we can’t all learn a thing or two. God spoke the universe into existence, and power was in those words He spoke. And similarly, there is power in the words we say! Our words are one of the few things that we have complete control over in our lives, whether you are 8 or 88. It’s important to realize and remember that our words affect others, that our words should be helpful and positive and not tear each other down, that our words should always be truthful, & that we should always give thanks and let others know we appreciate them. Our Covenant Kids have learned all of this and more this summer– and honestly, it was a good reminder for myself as well.

The words that come out of our mouths are directly correlated to our attitudes. If your child is upset, they will be sure to let you know with their words. If you don’t get the big promotion you were up for, you will probably complain to someone close to you and those words likely aren’t very positive. Our words have such power, and God has laid out very specific ways in the Bible about how He wants us to use them! It has been so amazing to watch our kids learn in the past eight weeks about the power of their words and how to wield them. Watching them encourage one another, or say thank you, or even ask to pray for each other has been such a reward to see.

To close out this cool summer that we’ve spent in the Arctic each Sunday learning about our words, we thought… what better way than to have a snowball fight– to bring a little bit of arctic chill to a Texas summer! This Sunday, August 5th, we will be having an epic snowball and water balloon fight, a bounce house, a water slide, and some hot dogs and snow cones for everyone! Families and guests alike are more than welcome to participate. Come celebrate summertime coming to an end, and cool off with us after service!

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