Google the word “it” and you get a reference to a horror movie.  Look “it” up in the dictionary and you will discover the following definitions:

pronoun: it

used to refer to a thing previously mentioned or easily identified.

“a room with two beds in it”

referring to an animal or child of unspecified sex.

“she was holding the baby, cradling it and smiling into its face”

referring to a fact or situation previously mentioned, known, or happening.

“stop it, you’re hurting me”.


Recently while reading the New Testament book of Colossians I read the following:

Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.” (2:15)

I kept reading but then my mind flashed back to the word “it”.  So I went back and reread the verse. I realized that a lot was taking place here and everything revolved around “it”.  From previous studies I understand that principalities refer to ruling evil spirits; those in charge of or with authority over various areas or locations.  I also know that this includes satan himself, as well as all evil and malicious spirits who make war against the people of God.  The powers mentioned would relate to the various ways these evil spirits attempt to influence people.  False teachers, deceptions, accusations, temptations, lies, and one of the greatest weapons… fear, all are part of the operational powers.  The verse goes on to say that all of these “principalities and powers” were made into a public spectacle. The picture is that they were drug out into a public forum, for all to see, and then they were disrobed of all authority, influence and permission to operate.  In Old Testament times this official act was carried out at the conclusion of battles between kings and kingdoms. The victorious king would have the defeated king laid on the ground before him in open view for all to see as he placed his foot on the neck of the defeated foe.  This demonstrated to all that his kingdom was defeated, his authority abolished, and he has now been rendered powerless. In triumph a new king and kingdom rule and reign.

The picture became clear in my mind.  The kingdom of satan and all of his evil forces have been defeated.  Their influence, authority and power have been rendered useless by “It”!  The wake of devastation, destruction, and death has come to an end because of “It”.  Guilt, shame, unforgiveness and the like have been abolished on the basis of “It”.

So, what is this “It”?  Remember the previous definition:

“used to refer to a thing previously mentioned or easily identified,

referring to a fact or situation previously mentioned, known, or happening.”

What is the thing mentioned, or easily defined?  What is the situation known? What happened? We find the answer in the preceding verses of Colossians 2:

having forgiven you all trespasses, having wiped out the handwriting of requirements that was against us, which was contrary to us. And He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross.”

That’s “It”!  “It” is the Cross!  Through the Cross Jesus publicly, fully and forever has won victory over everything that would oppose us.  His victory, is now ours all because of “It”!

Palm Sunday is the first step towards the victory of the cross and then onto the celebration of the resurrection! May resurrection life and every blessing and benefit of “IT” be yours!

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