What does it mean to be saturated?

We aren’t just throwing the word around because it’s clever.

We mean it in the most spiritually literal sense.

To Be Saturated

A woman worshipping Jesus and being saturated by the presence of God

Now, we mean this in the “non slip-n-slide sense of the word.”

We don’t mean we are going to drench you in water like this is Hurricane Harbor.

We mean we seek to invite you to a place where your spirit is overflowing with the essence and character of God.

We mean we want the love, joy, passion, and sanctity of the Father to be bursting from your every pore.

You probably hate doing dishes just as much as the next person, but have you ever soaked up a sponge to the point where it was just running over?

Have you ever filled one up to where you didn’t have to even touch it for it to just pour out water?

That’s what God wants from you – to be filled to the brim and overflowing with the Holy Spirit.

No one has to ask you a thing for you to just pour out the heart of the Lord with every word, deed, and motion in your life.

The Bible says in Jeremiah 31:24,

“I will saturate the thirst of the weary and every person who languishes I will replenish”

What does that say to you? Does that speak to the weariness in your bones from the day-in day-out grind of work and family and chores and the 99 other things you have on your agenda?

Does that speak to your spirit that longs to be in the presence of the father, hearing from His voice and basking in His sanctuary?

Then don’t wait for a breakdown. Don’t wait for your tank to run dry.

Saturation is a time where even the most energetic, full heart can receive more.

Our God is a God of more, and it is waiting for you.

What are NCC’s expectations for saturation?

Woman worshipping in a room with people praising God

We expect everyone in that room to experience God in a deep, personal, and impactful way.

This isn’t a fly-by worship night. This isn’t a passive church event.

This is a time where you can glorify the living God and receive replenishment, restoration, and strengthening in your life.

We also expect you to have an intimate time of worship with the Father of love.

This is a time to draw near to the heart of God and feel His divine love for you.

You should hear His voice speak to you and restore you with His grace and glory.

Listen to the Holy Spirit. Is it pressing into an area of your heart you’ve been allowing bitterness to reside in?

Is it moving you to act in your life towards a calling?

Is it simply just giving you a personal reminder of how great our God is?

Ultimately, you should expect to receive, receive, and receive some more.

God is for you. He is speaking to you. He is guiding you towards His purposes for your life and you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

As always, we want this opportunity for you not from you.

Come and spend time with us on Saturday, October 13th at 6 p.m. and experience the life-changing events the Lord has in store for you!

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