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The Benefits of Missions

He was a short, round, completely bald on top, aging professor who wore thick glasses that continually slid down to the tip of his nose. He spoke in a monotone manner and there was nothing particularly captivating about his story of being a missionary in India, but I...

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Was it Enough?

Every year we celebrate our high school graduating seniors on our Graduation Sunday service. Graduation Sunday this year was also ‘Youth Take Over,’ which means that our youth group was in charge of the whole service. Youth was responsible for it all: service...

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Easy or Right? Which Do I Choose?

We all get confused from time to time-- I know I sure do!  Nothing to be ashamed of, but we want to be aware of it.  A specific area where confusion arises is the difference between right and easy. Just because something is right, does not mean that it will be easy....

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The Deception of ‘What If’

Being the outreach and evangelism coordinator of our church, people often ask me what evangelism means. In all honesty, the word can be interpreted in different ways, but in my own words, evangelism simply means sharing the gospel and your Jesus story in love...

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Let’s Be Superheroes

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid and idolize superheroes? You dreamed of what you would do if you had their powers, what your super suit would look like, and who your squad would be. Having the life of a superhero sounded exciting: stopping villains,...

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Happy Father’s Day!

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!! Along with wishes for you to have a great day, I bring good news: dads are finally getting the acknowledgement they deserve.  For way too long dads have continually been portrayed as weak, stupid, lazy, out of touch, and generally acting as...

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Why Groups?

“I’m busy, I don’t do good meeting new people, it’s not my thing, and I don’t have anything in common with anybody.” These are all excuses we use not to attend a small group. Hey! I get it. I too have used the same excuses after a long week or day. If you just give it...

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Google the word “it” and you get a reference to a horror movie.  Look “it” up in the dictionary and you will discover the following definitions: pronoun: it used to refer to a thing previously mentioned or easily identified. "a room with two beds in it" referring to...

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